Technology has taken over the world. From ATMs to supermarket doors, everything is slowly becoming automatic. One thing that has recently become popular in the world of technology is automatic or “driverless” cars. Driverless cars are designed to create a map of their surroundings and use a combination of radars and sensors to travel without human touch.

While the idea may sound fun and futuristic, no self-driving car company can guarantee a crash-less drive. A car accident involving a driverless car can be complicated to deal with as it may get confusing to assign liability. If you are facing damages because an automatic vehicle has hit you, you can hire a Rochester car accident lawyer to determine the liable party and seek the compensation you deserve.

Who is liable for an autonomous car accident?

In normal car accidents, determining who is at fault can be done by investigating the accident. However, situations can become complicated when one of the vehicles has no driver driving it. So the question arises, who is liable for your injuries in such accidents?

The fact is that even automatic cars require some human input. While the person does not have to drive the car constantly, they still have the duty to pay attention to the car’s signals and warnings. For example, in some cases, the automatic car will alert the human driver about something on the road and ask them to take control of the vehicle. In case the human is distracted during that time and fails to do so, it can result in a crash.

Another possible liability may be the company’s manufacturer. If the human driver did pay attention to the road and the signals of the car and still crashed into another vehicle, it may be the result of a manufacturing defect. The manufacturer is supposed to run a quality test of the car and make sure every part is assembled and works properly. A defective design of an autonomous vehicle can significantly put people’s lives in danger.

The compensation you can get in an autonomous car accident 

You can acquire the following types of compensation depending on your case.

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damages (vehicle repairs or replacement if your car was totaled)
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of career
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma

What to do to get help after the accident?

If an autonomous vehicle hits your car, call the police immediately to the accident site and report the incident. The police will create a report and gather evidence from the area that can be used later. Do not admit guilt and refuse to speak to anyone before consulting with your lawyer first. Your lawyer can investigate the case to determine the liable party and file an insurance claim for your injuries.