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Tips on how to choose comfortable bra size and fabrics that suit you. Women have different shapes, sizes, and heights.
They also have different styles, tastes, and preferences when it comes to fashion.
A bra is a necessity for women, which is why a woman can go an extra mile or to get the perfect fit bra.
Bras are designed to cover a woman’s breast.
There are bras for different purposes like a nursing bra, strapless bra, sports bra, padded bra, bralettes bra, push-up bra, and convertible bra. Shopping for a bra and finding a comfortable size and fabric can be overwhelming.
Lots of women are not comfortable with their bra – some slip off shoulders, some dig into the skin while some are too big or too small for their breasts.
Finding the bra with the right fabrics and comfortable size depends on lingerie stores like Brayola.

However, there are things you need to know to be successful in your search for a comfortable bra size.

Below are some helpful tips:

Figure out your cup and band size

To find a comfortable bra size, you need to know your cup and band size.
The cup is lettered AA-M while the band is numbered 28-44. A bra expert can help you to figure this out.
You can also do it yourself by using a measuring tape and doing little calculations.
First, measure under your bust and around your back for your band size, then measure over your nipples and around your back for your cup size.
The difference between the two measurements is your size.
Assuming your bust is 42 inches and your band is 39 inches, the difference which is 3 represents the letter C, which means your bra size is 39C, which is 39 inches band + C cup.

Know your sister sizes

Due to the different brands of bra from fashion women clothes companies,  the bra of the same size may vary when it comes to fitness. This gives the reason you need to know your sister sizes.
You might not find your real size or the size you are familiar with.
There is a simple rule to knowing your sister size, which is:- if your band size goes up, your cup size comes down and vice versa.
So, if you are a 34C, you can go for 32D. 30D and 28E are also sister sizes.

Get the right bra band

Bra band does most of the holding up of the breast.
When the band is not the right fit, it makes you feel uncomfortable.
Your bra band should not be too loose and not be too tight.
It should be firm, low in the back, and be snug.
If the band is too loose, the straps could dig into your skin.

You need to get it right with the fabrics, straps, and cups

Your bra cup size says a lot about how your straps would be.
If your cups are very small, your bra straps will dig into your skin, and if your straps fall off, it could mean your cups are bigger than your breasts.
The cups must be smooth with edges that lie flat on your chest.
Also, for your cup go for fabrics that are strong, thin, and smooth like cotton, nylon, polyester, and silk.
For the band, fabrics like a stretch mess, techsheen, and power meter good options.