Having shot bands for over 20 yrs directly, and for record labels, PR companies and the music press, i learn this article with curiosity. Flash is a serious no no, some bands stipulate that together with venues, flash just isn’t needed these days, bands hate it, and most importantly the common public hate it too. If you’ll be able to’t do it before you can build a relationship later by giving them your card afterword. Then next time they’re in town you’ll find a way to build on that relationship assuming they liked your photos.

Wedding Ceremony Invitations Music Photos

You have to face out from the crowd and get seen. It doesn´t matter what kind of work you’re doing, however there are a lot of of us around who do similar work, particularly as music photographer. You´ll notice that there are always a bunch of guys hanging around at concert events with their digital camera gear to take photos of the bands.

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