Different Types of Murder Mystery Party Games

We can differentiate numerous options for murder mystery party games, especially if you do not have enough creativity to create your own.

Besides, everything depends on several guests, characters, and other factors. As soon as you check here, you will learn more about different mystery murder games.

Therefore, we can differentiate four different options: interactive, turn-based, interviewing suspects, and dinner theatre.

All options come with advantages and disadvantages depending on numerous factors. Still, most of them come with interactive perspectives, which means you can host it yourself with ease.

1. Dinner Theatre

We are talking about a general term people use for professional and pre-organized events that feature actors staging mystery with an idea for the audience to solve it.

In most cases, you can find them in different restaurants or hotels. In some cases, the process of solving a mystery can last for an entire weekend. It can be either interactive or not, depending on your preferences.

Since you will pay for the actors, you should know they come with a high price tag combined with a perfect meal that will provide you peace of mind. However, you will not be able to use it at home, similar to other options we will present in further articles.

2. Interviewing Suspects

One of the most popular options for business for team building is this type. They feature a few suspects combined with motives and background for each character. Therefore, everyone is playing a detective throughout a game with an idea to solve a murder.

In most cases, this type consists of different teams that are interviewing others. As a result, it is a perfect solution for many guests because more people involved means more detectives and greater enjoyment.

Interaction includes interviewing different teams and suspects, with the primary goal to solve everything before others.

3. Turn-Based

You should know that turn-based parties are the ones we are familiar with because it is a standard solution you can make in the household or other venues by yourself. Besides, you can find numerous already written options that will provide you peace of mind.

Every single game comes in turns, and after each one, you will learn more about the background of other characters and murder in general. Therefore, at the very end, you will have enough information to solve it with ease.

For instance, you can learn more about the 1920s Gatsby murder mystery game which will help you determine the best course of action.

Each turn comes with people asking questions about others, which boosts the overall interaction and can help solve a murder before turns run out. You can find a wide array of sources that will help you create a murder mystery party.

Most of them come with eight characters and use similar format games to find online for affordable price tags.

4. Interactive

If you wish to create a perfect setting for all players and hosts, you should make an interactive murder mystery game. That way, you will bring information about each character beforehand. The goals can vary from the end-game or solving a murder.

Everything depends on how you wish to solve a particular murder and achieve goals. You will not have to play it in rounds, making it more exciting and alive than other options.

When it comes to interactive options, you should know that it can accommodate between seven and two hundred guests, depending on your preferences. Interactive options are entirely different than ones you can find in stores in different ways, including:

  • You can use it for more guests than usual
  • Each guest will have other problems to solve and goals apart from solving a murder. Generally, in a typical game, you must pay gambling debts while trying to solve a particular murder. On the other hand, other characters may need to obtain a specific object or affair with another character from the group.
  • You will provide all information at the start of the game. At the same time, a murderer will know why and how he/she committed a murder. Therefore, the goal should be to deflect suspicion to someone else throughout it.
  • You can play them around a table while serving finger food or buffet compared with other party options. As a result, everyone should talk to one another and mingle around. They should decide who to blackmail and trust with an idea to achieve their goals while solving a mystery.
  • In most cases, they are highly interactive. Therefore, you will create a list of solutions to the murder, while guests will try to achieve personal agendas based on their goals and needs.
  • Of course, you must prepare for them properly, so each game comes with a dedicated host who will organize every aspect while avoiding solving a murder.

Benefits of Murder Mystery Parties

  • Team Building – One of the main benefits of these parties is creating a team-building activity that will help your employees enjoy it all the way. Keep in mind that each game can feature small teams that can solve a mystery while gathering different clues. Since most of the options come with critical thinking and problem-solving activities, it will help your staff blend together and learn how to work. The teamwork will help them develop skills and understand each other more than before, which will affect their everyday functions and positions.
  • Boost Morale – If you decide to create a perfect experience, you will increase overall morale within your office. Since most employees are used to see each other during working days and hours, this can create a more casual and funny experience. That way, they will create memories that will help them achieve greater productivity in offices than before. Even before it starts, you can increase the anticipation and excitement by presenting an even in the working area.You should watch this video: to learn how to host this particular type of game.


Final Word

As you can see from everything mentioned above, murder mystery parties and games come in different settings and possibilities you can choose.

Therefore, it depends on your employee’s preferences, while you can boost teamwork and increase overall productivity with this particular type of team-building.