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9 Steps to Planning a Wedding. The engagement season starts at the beginning of the year.
Ideally so that enough time to plan a wedding that is usually held in the middle or end of the year.

Planning a wedding should be fun. But most people who have gone through it show the opposite, they are stressed and distraught.

Now, to minimize stress and organize systematically, here are nine things to do.
This applies to you who arrange your own wedding or with the services of a wedding planner.

9 Steps to Planning a Wedding

1. Announce the Celebration

Many people rush to make big news announcements including engagement or wedding plans on social media.
Wedding Planner Jove Meyer from Jove Meyer Events suggests sharing the moment with family and closest friends first.

2. Calculation of invited guests

Before looking for a venue to hold a wedding, register the guest list to be invited. Ask your parents to do the same.
According to Tzo Ai Ang from Ang Weddings & Events, it really helped to find the best and strategic location for the invitees to reach.

Leave it to the professionals or take care of yourself as much fun

3. Leave it to the professionals (if needed)

Want to form a core committee of family and relatives or entrust to the vendor, it’s all your choice.
Well, if your choice is to use the services of a wedding organizer, Jove Meyer warns to choose credible and trustworthy.

Afterward, preparing for a wedding is not something that makes you stressed and dizzy.
But it becomes a joyful journey every day before the big day.

4. Involve Vendors in Choosing Venue

Well, if you decide to hire a wedding planner, involve them to tour the wedding venue.
Tzao Ai Ang added if they had many recommendations for the best venues according to the theme, the number of invitations, personal tastes, to the budget.

5. Budget agreement

Concerning money, of course, it is not full of romance, but the calculation of numbers.
Erica Taylor Haskins from Tinsel Experiential Design reminded to always be honest (though potentially uncomfortable) who contributed more to spend. And who is the main actor who holds the decision to pay all bills?

Don’t stress first

6. Create two budget budgets

Make a budget that makes sense and doesn’t make sense, advises Alison Laesser from Keck & Bryan Keck.
Certainly not to be used as a benchmark. But if there is no budget allocation as a reference, there will be many more problems going forward.

7. Hire Planner services

As mentioned above, do not do a single thing until you make sure to choose the services of a wedding planner.
Don’t be afraid, because they don’t charge extra when looking for a venue.
If you decide to take care of yourself, just start by creating a list of guests who will be invited.

8. Create an engagement photo schedule

If you plan to make a photo prewedding set the schedule with the photographer of your choice.
Not just to show off to Facebook or Instagram, but to take a photoshoot session as well as to practice your poses and smiles when the real wedding photography comes later. Start practicing poses by looking at each other and throwing smiles or hugging each other. Hmmm … makes sense, here.

9. Don’t forget being together on a date

After going through the engagement period, surely the chat always leads to marriage (almost every time).
It indeed feels fun and romantic.

But do not forget to take the time to date like most couples without the wedding chat slipped.